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As bricklayers we work internally and externally, including the homes of customers and on building sites, in all weather conditions on small and major projects. we interpret drawings, set out and measure, construct and finish to a high standard.

From working safely and tidily with resilience and endurance through to exceptional planning and scheduling, concentration, precision, accuracy and attention to detail to achieve an excellent finish every step in the process.

Work organization and self-management, communication and interpersonal skills, problem solving, innovation and creativity, working accurately are the universal attributes of a Happy building bricklayer. Whether we are working alone or as part of a larger team, we take on a high level of personal responsibility and autonomy.


Plastering is a highly skilled practice, it is an art that demands the skills, care and attention of the skilled tradesmen who practice it. Its reputation can make or break a job of works. Knowing this we at Happy builders incorporated a specialist division to ensure that our clients are Happy.

Our Plastering division has grown off our princlple Bricklaying and Joinery services and consist of the following solutions;

• Domestic & Commercial Plastering • Plaster Boarding & Skimming • Artex covering • Plaster boarding • New ceilings • Float & set • Sand & cement rendering • Tiling works • Property refurbishments • Job corrections • Internal & external work Dry Lining • Damp proofing • All aspects of cornice moulding & decorative plaster work • Ceilings & Partitions • Lime Plastering • traditional lath & plaster restored & replaced and of course rendering

Carpentry & Joinery

Wherever there are building projects, there are carpentry and joinery requirements, these specialist roles are the fabric of the build and allow for design and stability of any great build. We are Happy Buildings pride ourselves in our joinery and carpentry work, understanding the need of the customer, interpreting the requirements of the guidance associations and interpreting the vision of the architect.

Our carpenter and joiners pride ourselves in the intricacies of second fix design and the robustness of pre-fix frame working, making and installing wooden fixtures and fittings as part of construction projects.


Project Management

Communication, collaboration and planning are very important aspects of our process, The need to not only manage ourselves but to allow the experience of every bricklayer, joiner, carpenter, labourer, architect and planners, not forgetting the stakeholders be it you or your client to come to bear on the project.

We have grown and will continue to grow on the combined skills of every knowledge worker involved. Let us work with you to remove the micro management solutions and justify great projects giving value from the start and continually.

We at Happy Builders, can work independently or with your our project Managers, we can develop projections, charting and documentation to support a plethary of client needs

Our Story

Happy Building Limited is a family owned and managed building contractor, specializing in Bricklaying, Carpentry and Joinery, with over 25 years of experience providing high quality building and property maintenance services for large building projects.

Happy Building operate principally in the commercial and specialist sectors of the market, working in partnership with many leading developers and councils within the construction industry.

Our Focus is quality of workmanship and craftsmanship, in there areas we pride ourselves most, With our mission to deliver quality brickwork and carpentry solutions on time and within budget whilst ensuring that all projects are completed safely.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority as our reputation depends on it. We aim to start and finish our work within the estimated time, budget and quality as agreed with the client.


Carpentry & Joinery
Project Management
Lofts & Home Extensions

Let’s get the Job done right

Who says that first impressions don't count. Right from the start a building needs to be based on great brickmanship, great carpentry, these are the cornerstones that makes a building. From a Victorian restoration, to a wrap-a-round extension, a block of flats 10 stories high or a mansion with an out door swimming pool. Homes should be built to last and be beautiful. Here at Happy Building, this is what we do, we want happy buildings, the brickwork, the pointing, the joinery and carpentry, those huge lintels all are managed to produce the outcome that causes you to say we are happy. Because we specialize, we don't need to compromise, we don't need to make up, we just need to support communicate and manage great building projects.

Andrius Novikovas Company Director

Contact Tel: 07557 946071. Email address: andrius@happy-building.com As a building specialist and contractor for over 25 years now, I pride my self in my ability to learn, respond and improve. I have traveled and worked globally for at least 10 of those years completing Projects both large and small along the way . My aim is to build beautiful, affordable houses to the highest standards. I am a hands on director who visits the sites regularly monitoring the quality of work to ensure the my client's expectations will not just be met but exceeded.

Osvaldas Novikovas Directorial Support

Hi my name is Osvaldas but you can call me Ozzie, My Contact Tel No is 07477 145645 and my Email address is ozzie@happy-building.com. I graduated out of Uni as a Gym instructor and found myself working with my father for over 3 years now, learning his passion and need for perfection as i go along. When I am not assisting Andrius on the building site you can find me in the gym exercising the same drive for perfection.

Our Solutions

We come in right at the start and leave right at the end, creating foundations that stand the test of time and the building regulators, building the walls to keep in heat and keep the weather out, we will join, carpenter skillfully all the beams all the joists, all the walls to make the space according to your needs. Just as the outside is complete and the first fix is in place, we will plaster, finish and commission your project.

Our Missions

To deliver continuous complete project on time and in budget, to be the first in and the last out, to build on your trust daily Why because it is our mission to make every project our own and to make everyone as Happy as we are.

Our Visions

Once an idea has been approved, comes the tasks of turning the vision to reality. Happy builders has a vision to grow from Builders to hands-on solution providers. Having dedicated full time members focused on realising construction dreams from budgets of 200k up to 200 Million, with the love and passion, in the laying of the first brick to the last brick

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